About Us

We supply an online platform that seamlessly connects local producers, distributors and restaurants.

SupplyPapa allows local farmers and fishermen to connect with distributors and chefs. Users enjoy unparalleled access to new clients and markets while streamlining payment and inventory management. Our unique marketplace allows for simple cost and quality comparison, making it easy for sellers to distinguish themselves and for buyers to make informed decisions.

SupplyPapa will make selling, buying and keeping track of inventory easier. We aim to simplify and digitize the purchasing process so that you have more time to focus on your business.

Meet our Team

Meet the SupplyPapa team - a group of young passoniate people striving to make your life easier.

Sachin Gupta

Founder and CEO
Sachin graduated from Harvard with bachelor's and master's degrees in Applied Math and Economics. He started SupplyPapa after hearing his chef friends complain about the ordering process for broadline distributors and the difficulty involved with sourcing local, farm-fresh products. He looks forward to growing SupplyPapa to help restaurateurs nationwide.

Luke Kornack

Vice President Sales/Marketing
Luke from Gettysburg College has been around food his whole life. From watching his sister, Elise Kornack,a champion on the TV show Chopped, to holding a myriad of positions in the restaurant business. He has always had a passion for food and the way it gets to the table. He hopes to help small, boutique restaurants with getting the freshest products possible.

Tom Fink

Head of Business Development
Tom graduated from Brown with a degree in Economics and International Relations. Growing up in South Florida, Tom developed a deep appreciation for fresh seafood and shell fish. On weekends, Tom can be found on the sea fishing for his next big catch. He aims to bring the freshest seafood possible to your table.

Varsha Kannan

Vice President of Sales/Marketing
Varsha from Babson College is a self-proclaimed foodie. She has worked as wholesale marketing representative for Mission Root, a popular beverage company, and was instrumental in getting it carried in a number of Whole Foods locations. On weekends, Varsha loves to bake and often brings tasty treats to the office on Mondays.

Sarah Maxwell

Chief Operating Officer
Sarah graduated from A.B. from Harvard. She comes from a long line of chefs and restaurateurs and is always interested in trying out new restaurants. Sarah manages our salesforce and loves working with chefs to have SupplyPapa fulfill their needs.

Josh Palay

Chief Technology Officer
Josh is a Computer Science major at Harvard. Growing up in Chicago, his favorite experiences were family meals at his mother's kitchen table. When Josh learned about SupplyPapa's local product focus, he jumped at the opportunity to help build a marketplace for fresh food.

Adam Palay

Head of Algorithms and Data Aggregation
Adam graduated from Harvard with a bachelor's degree in English. A self-taught programmer who works for the education startup, Edx, Adam helps ensure that SupplyPapa has the most accurate product information available. Adam, a food lover, can often be found trying cuisines from across the globe.