What is SupplyPapa?

SupplyPapa is an online foodservice wholesale marketplace. We have teamed up with suppliers both large and small to provide your businesses with the freshest goods at the lowest price. Restaurants of all sizes can visit our site, order from our expansive catalog of items and have their items delivered the same or next-day. Restaurants in the Boston area use our site to get low-cost, high quality food products for their business.

What can I expect to find on SupplyPapa?

Our team has teamed with the best farms, fishermen, ranchers and distributors to offer you a wide array of products. You can find anything from fresh local zucchini to artisan pasta to paper products. Our team has done the research for you so that you can easily find the products you need.

Is SupplyPapa more expensive than going to wholesalers myself?

Our team expects that the average customer will save between 5-15% on food orders by using SupplyPapa. SupplyPapa works with local suppliers to offer you the lowest possible prices. Plus, with SupplyPapa you can compare prices across distributors and find the best prices for the products you're looking for.

How do I sign up for SupplyPapa?

Signing up is easy! Just click the button in the top right corner of the website and follow our simple process for creating an account.

I'd like to sell my products on SupplyPapa. How do I start doing that?

Just create an account and pick the distributor or producer tab. Our team will then review your information and confirm your account.

Do you serve my area?

We currently only service the Greater Boston area, but we're diligently working on looking into new markets. If you have any sugggestions, feel free to email us at happycustomers@supplypapa.com.

Will SupplyPapa ship items I have ordered to me in other localities, other states, or other parts of the world?

We currently only facilitate delivery to locations in greater Boston area. Our company is growing rapidly though and we might be launching in your city soon. If you want to get SupplyPapa in your city, let us know! Shoot us an email at happycustomers@supplypapa.com.

Who will deliver my order?

The suppliers you order from will deliver your order in 1-2 days.

What if SupplyPapa doesn't have the lowest price?

Let us know! Send the details (supplier, product, etc.) to happycustomers@supplypapa.com.

How do I order from SupplyPapa?

Just create an account and start adding products to your shopping cart. When you are done, click the "Checkout" button, and follow the directions to add your payment information. Press the "Place Order" button and your order will sent over to our team.

What happens to my cart if I leave before checking out?

If you have an account with us, we'll save everything in your cart. The next time you come back, you can pick up where you left off.

How can I check on my order?

Checking on your order is easy! Just go to "My Account" on the top menu and look at your order history!

Does SupplyPapa offer local and organic products?

Yes. Check out our organic tag for your organic food needs, and check the local tag for your local items needs. A real strength of SupplyPapa is its local food section. We offer a variety of local fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, poultry, and grocery items. We are expanding our selection of local and organic foods all the time. We find the best local farms and producers so that you don't have to!

Some of our local farms are not certified organic, but grow using beyond organic practices and run sustainable farms. Many of them are too small to warrant the time and money it takes to get the USDA certification, but they certainly uphold the spirit of the organic movement.

What do you really mean by local?

We understand that many of you would rather buy apples, squash, bread and lettuce that hasn't traveled for days on a truck and we strive to give you that option. When we label a product as 'local' we mean that it is produced within 200 miles of your city, though often it's actually produced within the city. While we try to ensure accurate distances, we depend on information that our suppliers and distributors provide.. Please contact us if you think a product is mislabeled.

What if I can't find my favorite product on the SupplyPapa site?

If you can't find your favorite brand or even if you have a suggestion for a new vendor, please let us know! If one of our vendors carries your item, we'll try our best to get it on the site. Just email us at happycustomers@supplypapa.com.